Supporting Complete Medical Wellness

in Long Island for over 35 Years

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY offers immune supportive therapies for patients who are battling malignancy and auto-immune disorders. Our medical experts have treated countless patients from the Long Island area (and beyond) who have battled with CANCERS, AIDS, COPD, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME and an extensive host of autoimmune diseases in any stage of severity.


Our medical experts are committed to using only the most advanced technology and clinical treatment solutions available. This includes exploring the most appropriate options from holistic sciences to alternative medicine.


To win the battle against chronic disease means working very closely with our patients. Disease affects everyone differently and IMNY is recognized for our personalized care and advanced treatment solutions.


The science of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE adapts a globally expanded set of treatment options including CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY- methods to restore the immune system to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

When you schedule your appointment…

…you will be contacted by a patient care coordinator who will send you a welcome kit that describes what you may expect during your visit. This packet also contains a lengthy questionnaire. The questionnaire includes such categories as: traditional personal information (name, age, etc.); family and social history; medical history; previous/current medication(s) and supplement usage; sleep and dietary habits; supplements and so on. Another section includes a checklist of past and present symptoms. Another important area includes potential contributing emotional or stress-based causes of illness. By analyzing current information and observing changes over time, we can tailor treatments to help you achieve optimum health.
An initial evaluation at IMNY usually takes 90 minutes with one of the doctors who will take the time to listen to you and to develop an in- depth understanding of your needs and your unique bio-chemical makeup. We take the time educate you and to explain the necessity of the recommendations to achieve vibrant health. Our recommendations are based on the Six Pillars of Vibrant Health and the principles of immune reconstitution which form the foundation of our care. Our goal is to use this philosophy, apply it to your everyday life and rid you of as many drugs as is possible while restoring your health.
During your visit, the doctor may recommend detailed testing of your cellular function—general blood analysis, hormone assessment, vitamin and mineral levels, gastrointestinal function, genetic profiles, comprehensive cardiovascular and inflammation assessments, integral immune components, neurotransmitter levels, and toxin burden—just to name a few! This detailed data provides us with the necessary information to assess your biochemical individuality in more detail than you may have thought possible. This profile enables us to tailor a unique wellness plan to help you achieve a higher level of vibrant health.
At the end of the initial evaluation, the doctor may also make recommendations regarding vitamins, supplements, diet modification, exercise, detoxification and hormone balancing. We then schedule a follow-up visit where we review the findings, “tweak” the recommendations and further refine your individualized treatment plan.As you can see, vibrant health takes knowledge and commitment. And we are committed to assisting you in every way to live the life you deserve. We hope that when you leave INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY, you will feel better than you ever thought possible.Our wish is to have all our patients say, “I’ve never felt so good”.

For additional information not covered in the FAQ section, contact us at 516-759-4200